Monday, December 10, 2012

A Vegetarian Christmas

As you may have noticed, I am still absent, sitting in front of my computer, writing this thesis that seems to defeat me. I need to hand it in the week before Christmas, which means after that I really hope to be back and post regularly again.
I just wanted to pop in and tell you what I plan to make for my first Christmas as a vegetarian. In our family, me and my sister are the only ones who dont eat meat, and I am determined to make something great for the two of us.
I experimented with a vegetarian nut loaf once a few weeks ago, but found I still needed to change a few things. I just found this Jamie Oliver recipe on Pinterest, and went back to the magazine that I actually had bought last year. After my first attempt at this I already determined that 2 eggs and about 100g of cheese should be the right amount for this size of nut loaf. Seeing that Mr. Oliver agrees on these two measurements, I think I am going to use his recipe. Maybe add in a little mustard and half a cup of lentils to substitute some of the nuts.
As a starter my mother and I plan on making a salad accompanied with something like this cauliflower cake by Ottolenghi. I have made this before, and it turned out really great. I think I'll cut this recipe in half, I remember eating nothing but cauliflower cake for about a week after I made it the last time.
If you are looking for a few more ideas on what to make for a vegetarian Christmas, maybe I can direct you to a few other recipes that I have posted here over the last almost two years?

I really loved these legumes d'hiver au vin I posted earlier this year, they are a bit fancy but really easy to make.
This hummus feta souffle would make a lovely starter for the vegetarian in your family, or for everyone else, too.
Or maybe make these crunchy baked acorn squash slices?

Maybe I give the Jamie Oliver nut roast a try before Christmas, and if I do I'd certainly let you know how it turned out, but I just wanted to share it now so that you can decide to make it, too, if you are still looking for a great vegetarian recipe for Christmas.

So I hope to be back soon, until then I wish you lovely pre-Christmas weeks.


  1. Merry Christmas!
    I always wonder what veggies eat on Christmas day :) Actually that nut roast sounds delicious! Especially with the cranberries on top.
    Good luck with the thesis x

  2. Have a shepards pie......I make ours with roasted veggies and french (green) lentals that have been cooked with the "not beef broth" topped with fresh is great!

  3. Have you ever tried making your own seitan before? If you start with vital wheat gluten, it's a lot less work than starting from flour and washing away the starches. Seitan own its own can be a little bland and spongey, but it works great in this bourguignon. I haven't made my own in years. The store-bought stuff is fine for this dish. Definitely my favourite vegetarian main to bring along to a party. I've also made that cauliflower cake for a Christmas dinner, so I'd second that too.