Monday, February 3, 2014

Weekend Finds

A few things I found, and loved, this weekend: 

This talk by Neil Gaiman, also this illustration of part of his speech

Tavi interviewing Lorde - I love Tavi, she is such an inspiration!
Also: this quote, mentioned in the interview

I need to make these black beans - We had similar beans in Cuba and loved their simplicity.

You should make these pickled onions, they are sooo good.

I am learning Italian, do you want to join me?


  1. Okay 1) I'm not even the biggest Lorde fan (I only know 2 of her songs) but I LOVED that interview! Thanks for introducing me to that fab blog! And that quote is PERFECTION. It describes my blogging experience perfectly...I was just reading some of my old blog posts and I was like ew ew ew. But I like his point that if you stick it out, you might get there someday!

    1. I didn't even know Lorde before reading this interview, but I just love what these young women have to say.
      I am glad the Ira Glass quote spoke to you too. It gives me hope for my own work here and just one more reason to stick with this blogging thing.
      oh and you probably read Orangette and saw Molly's link to her speech and read that too, but if not, you should go read it! It almost made me tear up a little here on my commute in public transport.