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Monday, November 19, 2012

Parsnip and Leek Salad with Tofu

I recently realized that I never really introduced my boyfriend around here. He has been the boyfriend for far too long, he has a name, too. So from now on I'll just call him Michael here. (I actually call him Michi, but that's probably a bit difficult to pronounce for anyone not from Switzerland, so let's stick with Michael on this blog).
Yesterday, Michael and I put on our hiking boots, took the train to Solothurn and hiked up the local mountain there, the Weissenstein. The first hour or so we were still below the fog and then in the middle of it. We thought we were out of it every few minutes, until we finally saw rays of light between the trees. Walking into the sun, from under the fog, that makes me think 1) of Plato and 2) an old cliche, but it truly is not just a cliche or a lovely metaphor. Getting out of the literal fog out there, really helped me clear my mind, lift the fog in my brain, so that today I can go back to work and think for once in a while.
We had a late lunch in the sun, hiked up to the top and were rewarded with this view.

And as a gentle reminder that things are real, I burnt my nose in the hour or so of sunlight we had.

Today we are back down below the fog, and back in the kitchen.

This salad was our lunch today. Crunchy radish, soft and squeaky leek and some of the parsnip that did not end up in the soup I made earlier this week, all bound together with a very simple lime-mustard vinaigrette. It made a light and delicioius lunch, and I'd have loved to take some of it to work as lunch the next days but none was leftover.