Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Galettes Bretonnes and Cookbook Challenge Update

I have been cooking from my cookbook but did not have time to take pictures, or the food was not really picture worthy.
Soon we'll travel to France again, like last summer, and we'll cycle through the Bretagne. We've been there last year too, and a culinary specialty of this region is the Galette Bretonne. It is similar to a Crêpes but made from buckwheat flour. They are great with savoury fillings. We made a Spinach filling and a Goats cheese and onion filling. I want to share the Goats cheese filling because it is more typical of the region, and also because my boyfriend made the other one and I'm not sure how he made it.

Galette Bretonne

250g buckwheat flour
2 eggs
5dl cold water
40g Butter
about 1/2 teaspoon salt

In a bowl mix flour, eggs, water and salt. Melt the butter over low heat, let cool a bit (about 5 minutes at least) and mix it in the batter. Let it sit for at least an hour or until you prepared the filling.

My favourite filling:
10 onions
oil (I used sunflower oil)
1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar
1 tablespoon sugar
1 tablespoon butter
100g Goats cheese
a few walnuts

Cut the onions in thin slices. Heat a bit of oil in a small pot on low heat, stir in the onions and let it cook until they become translucent and soft. Add in the sugar and stir. Let it caramelize a bit and then stir in the Balsamic Vinegar. Add Butter and salt to taste (not too much since the cheese is salty too). The onions should be soft and sweet.

To assemble: Crumble the goats cheese over the galette. Spoon some of the onion over the cheese, add a few chopped walnuts. Wrap up the galette and enjoy.

To prepare the galettes:
Heat a little bit of oil in a skillet on medium to high heat. Wait until the skillet is hot. Ladle batter in to the skillet and spread it by moving the skillet in different directions. Turn the galette after 1-2 minutes. You can assemble the galettes now or just keep them on a platter until all are finished.

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